Summer Internships


Are you an outdoors person, or like to grow things or hangout with animals? Have you ever wanted to learn how to raise certain crops or animals? If you are someone who is looking to gain hands on knowledge for any of these questions then an internship at Golden Prairie Farms maybe an option for you.

Each growing season we will have four to six interns joining our farm to help out with daily tasks on the farm, including;

  • Planting crops

  • Weeding and watering beds

  • Pest control

  • Harvesting crops

  • Feeding and watering animals

  • Gathering eggs

  • Moving animals for fresh grazing

  • Butchering chickens

  • Preparing produce and meats for sale

  • Moving bales of hay and straw

  • Work 6 days a week, Sundays will most likely be the day off after light chores in the morning


WARNING: Applicants must be ready for hard work.  You will more than likely be sore and tired and have calluses, bruises, and scratches for the first week or so.


Individuals interested in this internship opportunity must fill out the application and email or mail it back by the date mentioned.  After the application is reviewed we will contact you via email and set up a time for an interview in person or by phone. 

Applicant qualifications include;

  • Must be 18 years or older (we may take 14-17 year olds under certain circumstances**)

  • Able to lift 25+ pounds

  • Not afraid to get dirty

  • Hard working, self-motivated

  • Able to work by self and with others well

  • Able to take directions and communicate well



** We have to have contact with applicant’s school since the internship will start before the school year ends and end after the school year has started.

We Are Currently Not Taking Applications

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